Through our programs, partnerships, and alliances with other organizations, we help aspirant youth in our key-targeted development areas.  Our charter allows us to creatively find ways to help underrepresented and underprivilege through events and programs


Working together with other nonprofits to achieve greater impact (e.g. shared services, shared cost, joint programming, etc.)


Our strategic alliances have several benefits including expanded programs and services, increasing brand and reach and greater efficiencies for events.  In particular, we use collaborations to:

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Achieve greater leverage among stakeholders, e.g. build awareness or advocacy.

Address complex issues that require coordinating multiple stakeholders.

Strengthen or expand program or service quality and performance.

Achieve greater economies of program scale.

Enter new geographies, provide new services, or reach new beneficiaries.

We have funded children’s hospitals, science centers, Junior Achievement, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, education foundations, and sports leadership development organizations.  We also support several local community charities and cultural enhancement organizations.

If you would like to discuss a strategic alliance or marketing opportunity, please contact us.