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We are living in an incredibly dynamic and exciting time.  For many, however, the global economic uncertainty, global conflicts, environmental concerns, a seemingly increasingly divisive human interaction make it easy to forget all the positive attributes of our human existence.


As Louis traveled around the world, he wanted to share the wonderful examples of how many people try to hold themselves to the best standards they can, find a way in very difficult environments to be hopeful for a better tomorrow, to have the courage to be the best person they can and a positive influence on their community, and ultimately triumph by being heroic in their everyday lives, without recognition or notice, but instead by living their everyday lives.


The hope is that these stories will inspire others to make the most of their existence and provide a gentle reminder that we all have something to be grateful for. For the project, Louis and his crew took over 15,000 pictures in different countries yet only 125 of the most impacting pictures and stories made it to our exhibit.

Inspiration For The Project



Established by Louis Hernandez Jr., Bad Angel Photography assists not-for-profit organizations, including For A Bright Future in raising funds by organizing artistic projects and fundraising events throughout the United States.

It’s easy to lose sight of the positive attributes of the human condition amid constant news about disruptions arising from global economic uncertainty, international conflicts, and environmental decline.


Bad Angel works to create provocative and inspiring works to motivate people to rally behind the causes and organizations they partner with on important social issues aimed at improving the human condition. The studio’s incredible team donates time and energy to capture inspiring moments of people surviving difficult and adverse conditions.

The crew

The Bad Angel team is assembled on a project-by-project basis with volunteer photographers supported by a local team on the ground for transportation and security.  


Bad Angel’s most recent project, “Hope, Courage, Triumph”, is an example of how Bad Angel strives to document some of the most economically challenged corners of society. Our crew typically includes an interpreter to conduct interviews, a photography assistant, a driver, and, occasionally, security personnel and a local guide to help coordinate our movement and access to our itinerary.


If you would like to contribute your time, please contact us at

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