Louis Hernandez Jr. is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and author. He is the Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Black Dragon Capital, a minority-led private equity firm that makes control investments in technology companies.  

Growing up as a child of parents from underprivileged families, Louis was ingrained with their appreciation for people who apply themselves, seek higher education, become successful adults, and give back to their communities. The goal is to put yourself in the best position to help others and give back to the community that shaped you. For A Bright Future is a natural outgrowth of his family’s “improvement philosophy” to achieve the American Dream as a means to help others as they seek social and economic equality and a better future. 

In his travels, and especially through his photography, Louis has witnessed the struggles of people from around the world. He was overwhelmed by how many of these people had overcome adversity to become distinguished members of their communities. As a result, Louis became an advocate of helping children and youth in underrepresented and underprivileged communities throughout the United States achieve a better life. The photos he brought home from his travels crystallized his desires into For A Bright Future as another means to advocate for the less fortunate. As Chairman, he shapes and approves the strategies of For A Bright Future and sets its overall direction. 

In addition, Louis is the Creative Director of Bad Angel Photography Studios, which has contributed photography exhibits to the mission of For A Bright Future as well as to other not-for-profit organizations. 


Louis is the author of three books, “Saving the American Dream,” “Too Small to Fail” and “The Storyteller’s Dilemma.” He has received professional distinctions for his expertise in business and technology and has appeared on Fox Business, CNBC, ABC News and Bloomberg TV. 



Dr. Emma Lerew is the Executive Program Director at For A Bright Future and the mother of Louis Hernandez Jr.  

After immigrating with her family to the U.S., Dr. Lerew moved to the greater Los Angeles area and spent most of her career in education, where she retired as Director of Programs and Services for English learners and migrant students, ranging from kindergarteners to adults, in the Hayward Unified School District in northern California. 

As a divorced mother caring for four children, Dr. Lerew carved a career built on compassion for the less fortunate, as well as the importance of education and hard work. From teacher to administrator, much of her career involved working with disadvantaged students in difficult situations while also leading high-performance teams. Dr. Lerew has been involved in several civic and nonprofit endeavors and continues to mentor teachers and administrators. 



Daniel J. Consigli, who serves as Chief Financial Officer at Black Dragon Capital, is the Financial Manager at For A Bright Future. He has 20 years of experience working with technology and financial service firms in finance, strategy and operations. 

Dan’s background includes senior management and consulting positions in banking and asset management business verticals, specializing in turnarounds as well as mergers and acquisitions. His career includes serving as Divisional Chief Financial Officer at J.P. Morgan Chase, where he oversaw 18 divisions globally, executing strategy, finance, and infrastructure management of the business line operations. He has hands-on experience in drafting and publishing public financial statements for SEC-registered entities and private partnership companies. 

He contributes his time and funding to several charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society, The Nature Conservancy, American Humane, Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross and most recently, For A Bright Future. He also is involved with and contributes to alumni organizations at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and Babson College, his alma maters. 



Tim Greenfield, a Partner at Black Dragon Capital, is a proven business builder with a track record in growing financial technology, mobile, e-commerce, and software companies. He has broad experience in acquisitions, capital raising, and strategy. His role at Black Dragon spans the full investment cycle, from sourcing and due diligence to post-transaction integration, strategy, and operational improvement through a liquidity event or full exit. 

Previously, Tim served as Chief Revenue Officer and President of mobile commerce and payment processing for Net Element, where he helped build a leading mobile payment business in eastern Europe and a growing payment processing business in the United States. Prior to that, Tim was President of Gold Mobile, an early-stage firm that offered a mobile wallet solution, customer relationship management, mobile apps and mobile couponing products. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, a master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. 



Deborah Hernandez is a Recreation Supervisor for the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (H.A.R.D) in Northern California, overseeing summer camps, facility rentals, community projects, mobile recreation and after school programs. Prior to working at H.A.R.D., she was a recreation supervisor with the city of Richmond, California, overseeing programming for seniors and people with disabilities. She also served as the liaison for the Commission on Aging and on the Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging Board. Early in her career, she worked as a Site Manager at Girls, Inc., which inspires girls to be strong through healthy living, smart through academic achievement, and bold through leadership. 

Deborah is a leader and advocate for team and youth development programming and for equal access to recreational activities and experiences for youth living in urban and low-income areas. She has been a lecturer at San Francisco State University and has served as a speaker at California Parks and Recreation Society state conferences. She has led training sessions with first responders and nonprofit groups on the facilitation of outdoor recreation, which consisted of leading groups of urban youth through a series of obstacles and outdoor activities (such as hiking and zip-lines) as well as serving on several youths and community-related boards. She holds a Master of Science degree from San Francisco University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Sonoma State University. 



Susie Hernandez is the Senior Director of Programming at WNET New York.  She has more than 20 years of experience in acquisition, distribution, marketing, and programming for the public broadcasting system. 

Susie has a strong focus on social issues and is active in fundraising for breast cancer awareness, bone marrow transplant donor registrations, and school supplies for foster kids. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications with a minor in Film from Sonoma State University. Susie is a working mother who loves traveling with her husband and daughter. 



Monica Davis-Swallow is a Supervisor for the County of Sonoma, California, Employment and Training Division, where she has worked over the past 24 years at various levels, supporting efforts to coordinate families and individuals with eligibility requirements to gain assistance for self-sufficiency. 

For the past 10 years, she has led the training unit for new case managers, where she coordinates the onboarding and training process, develops on-the-job training plans, coaches, and mentors' new managers. In 2017, she won the Distinguished Employee Award for outstanding contribution by a county employee. 

In addition, she is involved in community outreach for the Division, making presentations to community organizations to gain resources for clients and inform them of programs that help local employers gain access to a skilled workforce to grow their businesses. She received a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco while a full-time working mother. 



Sarah Hernandez is the Investor Relations Manager and Manager of Operations for Black Dragon Capital. Sarah has more than 14 years of experience providing project management, coordination, and communications support to investors, boards of directors and senior management in a variety of sectors, including banking technology, media, defense, and the U.S. military. 

Previously, Sarah was Project Manager at Open Solutions and earlier served as Executive Assistant and Project Manager to the Chairman and CEO of Colt Defense. Sarah has the distinction of having served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an aviation operation specialist for the Presidential Helicopter Squadron One (Marine One). She received an honorable discharge with the rank of Sergeant. She earned a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in Criminal Justice Administration at Park University. Sarah has worked as a crew member for Bad Angel Photography during shoots and exhibits. She is also involved with Toys for Tots. 



Louis Hernandez Sr. is a retired professor of computer science, former businessman, entrepreneur, published author, and musician.  He was the department Chair of Mesa College in Mesa, Arizona where he also taught a variety of courses in computer sciences and business.  A published author of textbooks and laboratory materials by Prentice-Hall, Mr. Hernandez devoted a significant part of his career to educating young people in technology-related fields.  

Before his teaching career, he was an early technologist in mainframe technologies working at Motorola and Burroughs that included working on the initial packet-switchers for the ARPANET (forerunner of the Internet). As an entrepreneur, he has started businesses in restaurants, financial services, clothing, and data centers, before dedicating his full-time efforts to education.  

He completed his graduate work at the University of Southern California and was in the U.S. Navy. He has been a lifelong musician and played in various bands during his youth. Mr. Hernandez advises young people on careers in technology.




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