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Our internship program is designed to allow students who are enrolled in a qualified University to gain hands-on work experience in their areas of study while also contributing to the mission of the Foundation.  You’ll gain hands-on experience and contribute directly to the mission of the Foundation. For A Bright Future Internship program is designed to:

  • Gain valuable experience in the student’s field of study

  • Enhance a student's academic, career, and personal development

  • Provide experience working with a manager

  • It can be one academic term or multiple academic terms in length.

  • Is Paid or unpaid, part-time, or full-time.


Anjali Patel - ALHF Former Intern.jpg

"I am Anjali Patel, a student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in business administration from the California State University of Fullerton.

I am a second-year student, and like other students, I applied for internships at various companies.

​My goal was to gain more experience in my minor, along with my major if possible. Luckily, I got a chance to do an internship at For A Bright Future Foundation. We were working under the supervision of Gina Rogoto, operations manager of For A Bright Future Foundation. She is a very enthusiastic person and motivated us continuously.


I was given the task to work on the scholarship applications and take on a research project. Coming into this internship, I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am good at.


I also faced some obstacles with the research project and there were times where my search results were contrary to what I needed to research. However, with the constant support and motivation from my mentor, Gina, I was able to reach good results in my different assignments. This internship has given me a much better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me in the future." 


"My name is Briana Rivera and I am a recent graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication with a minor in Race and Resistance studies.


While achieving my studies as an undergraduate I have worked within nonprofits in many different fields of work.


While gaining many skills with my hand on work, I’ve gained a very rewarding set of skills with For A Bright Future Foundation. While my position as administrative support for this foundation I have learned a valuable set of skills all around.


This opportunity at For A Bright Future Foundation has allowed me to gain experience in the operations of the non-profit field of work. I’ve learned a lot about grantmaking, fundraising, marketing and research, and digital projects.


Thank you to the FAB team for allowing me to share my skills and work, while also allowing me to develop growth!"

Recent Intern Testimonials

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