media lab

  • Windows or Mac workstation

  • Sound Equipment

  • Video Equipment

  • Media Software

  • Films or TV Series development

  • Sports coverage

  • Political and or news correspondence

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Leadership Development

  • Media and The Arts


  • Participants in the Media Lab Program will have externship opportunities provided by Corporate Partners. These will provide experiential learning opportunities similar to internships but shorter in length, lasting anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

  • Utilizes employers' state-of-the-art workplace to enhance student learning at significantly reduced or zero cost. 

Benefits for the Community:  

  • Produces a world-class workforce that drives a vibrant regional economy. 

  • Improves the recruitment pool of qualified employees. 

  • Improves the local and regional economy.

  • Improves prosperity and the quality of life for all citizens. 

Extended Learning

Equipment and Software Needed

Types of Activities, Projects, Assignments

Vocational Focus