media lab

There will be an internship program for students to visit real technology worksites within the Corporate Partners’ offices. Some visits will include tours and lectures. While others may include opportunities to perform work activities.


We will provide scholarships to select students who participate in the program under our Arts scholarship.


As the Media Lab program develops, we will eventually build a network of schools, connected to the program and there will be projects that require collaboration between schools. Additionally, we will have contests fostering teamwork, diverse learning opportunities, and friendly competition between the schools.

  • Location vetting (classrooms).

  • Educators vetting and management.

  • Technology donation coordination.

  • Internship placement coordination.

  • Technology Expert Volunteer Coordination including fingerprinting and background checks

  • Organize collaboration efforts and competitions among participating schools

  • Serve as a point of contact for both all program stakeholders.


Our Role