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Would you like to gain useful experience that can help with your professional development, have some interesting experiences and, at the same time, give back to your local community?


If so, consider applying to the Ambassador Program of Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future!


The ambassador program presents a unique opportunity for high-performing high school and college students to increase their leadership skills by helping the Foundation with its mission to help under-privileged and under-represented students achieve their educational goals. 


The primary benefits of becoming an ambassador are:

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Sharpening public speaking and organizational skills

  • Supporting your local community

  • Adding important work experience to your credentials

  • Receiving recognition on the Foundation website

  • Participating in events, when applicable

  • Possible internship opportunities for top performers

A Foundation Ambassador operates as a volunteer and advocates for the Foundation and its programs. 


Duties of the role include but are not limited to:


  •  Awareness efforts:

  •  Make at least two speeches at two local high schools or universities on the Foundation and its scholarship program

  • Ensure that the Foundation scholarship programs are listed on the websites and appropriate areas of two local high schools and two local universities

  • Support and promote the Foundation through social media and local efforts. Echo, highlight and expand social followers. Be a general advocate for the Foundation’s efforts in the community 

  • New ambassador and volunteer recruitment:

  • Identify and recruit other potential future Ambassadors to ensure success in the region

  • Fundraising support:

  • Advocate to help raise donations from friends, family, and co-workers

  • Help support during fundraising events, where applicable

  • Consider events or other efforts to raise funds and awareness

Joining the Ambassador program can not only build your nonprofit experience, technical skills, connections, and reputation, but it also places you into a larger community of other socially-minded professionals.


Our current Ambassadors are a dedicated group, supporting the Foundation and sharing our efforts with their own networks. They’ve been trained on our mission and services, and engage in a range of volunteer activities.

  • Social responsibility: Get involved and support your community. As an Ambassador, you choose to invest your efforts into a community and the people who live in it. You’re providing a valuable service to the community – and giving back through social responsibility.

  • A learning road: Ambassadors often discover their hidden talent and passion, which directly improves their self-confidence. And the community you volunteer within will help you learn from people with different backgrounds and mindsets.

  • First-hand work experience: Being involved with any organization will provide you with great work experience, from learning about people, planning and the running of an organization to simply getting crucial on-the-job experience.

  • Making a difference: Every Ambassador can make a difference. Don’t underestimate your potential. No matter how small your steps are, you have the potential to make a big difference!

  • Build a community: Our Ambassadors will have access to opportunities only available within our network:

  • Internship opportunities

  • Event participation

  • Recognition for service

  • High school or college student in good standing

  • Minimum 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) grade point average

  • Consideration is given to extracurricular activities (athletics, band, clubs, work, etc.)

  • Diversity within overall Ambassador Program

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future:


  • Fill out the Ambassador Application Form, found  here 

  • Show proof of recent grades and overall GPA

  • Complete the Application Letter

  • Why do you to want to help the Foundation?

  •  Why is it important for you to help their community?

  • Why would you be a good Ambassador for the Foundation?

We look forward to hearing from you!

What A Foundation Ambassador Does…

Some of the Reasons You Should Apply

How Ambassadors Are Selected

What To Do Next

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