media lab

For A Bright Future Media Lab is an education program that empowers educators and corporate Technology partners to promote the combination of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the Arts, in partnership with local school districts. This initiative creates an ecosystem for STEM education and hands-on experience to high school students so they can develop important skills and engagement in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Upon entering college, the students will have strong experience with the most advanced tools in the media industry. For A Bright Future will manage the program and its execution.

Leading media technology companies will provide to the academic institution technology donation, training, and equipment installation to support the program. While the school provides a designated space for the Media Lab and may choose to have their teacher(s) lead the program, For A Bright Future may help raise funds with the school to cover a paid educator’s cost. cost of having a paid Program grants will be used to:

  • Fund facilitating the Media Lab.

  • Cover administration costs.

  • Cover  expenses related to the Media Lab, including payroll

Professional technology experts may volunteer to become educators or guest speakers. They may also work for the corporate partner and as part of their employee giving program, donate their time toward the program.