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FinTech Innovation Lab

The Fintech Innovation Lab Program is a partnership between the For A Bright Future Foundation, high schools and the Banking industry partners. The goal is to provide a unique and hands-on learning curriculum for students. Led by experienced banking technologists, the program exposes students to the most advanced technologies in the banking industry. FinTech has been used to revolutionize financial institutions for millions of people across the globe. Because of this demand, this program sets the Foundation to build rewarding careers which translate into livable wage jobs within the financial industry and can provide a boost to pursuing a university degree program in banking.

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Program Overview

Program Benefits


Gain exposure latest advanced technologies used to run and operate a financial institution.

Sharpen the understanding of operating advance technology. 

A platform for relationships, advice, direction and guidance from experienced professionals and role models 


Gain a deeper understanding the role financial institutions play in the economy and communities around the world. 

Develop team building, communication, critical thinking, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills  

Leadership skills, positive self-image, and confidence. 

Get a better understanding of financial technology, a high growth and high paying career opportunity. 

Professional references for future college and/or job applications. 

Possible immediate job or internship opportunities. 

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