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Updated: Apr 19

Please join us this holiday for a season of giving and consider donating the gift of education. Your donations support an underprivileged child with our college scholarship. 100% of all proceeds go to the students who need it most.

For A Bright Future Foundation (FABF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower underrepresented children to succeed. We impact their lives through scholarships, healthcare initiatives, STEAM programs, and leadership development workshops.

Your donations during the holiday are part of FABF national outreach as we look to provide more scholarships to some of the brightest minds and impacting their futures forever. There is no such thing as a small donation. Small gifts make a big difference and will help provide a college scholarship.

Age: 22

City and State: Goleta, California University/Field of Study: University of California, Riverside /Bachelor of Arts/Humanities, Arts, and Social Science

Tragedy hit Azalea Corral's family in February 2020 when a drunk driver took her parents' lives and left her responsible for her three siblings – all of whom are under 18. Their situation became even direr a month later when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and left her struggling to balance being a full-time student, working a full-time job, maintaining her extracurricular activities, and taking care of her younger siblings. Nevertheless, she persevered in honor of her parents. Azalea is a student coordinator for the Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program at the University of California, Riverside. She connects first-year Latinx students with essential resources to help them succeed in their studies. Ultimately, Azalea hopes to build a professional career working on programs like the Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program and assisting students in pursuing their dreams.

Discuss any challenge(s) or obstacle(s) you have dealt with and overcome and how it would let you succeed in college and beyond.

In February 2020, a drunk driver hit and killed my parents. I have three younger siblings who are all under the age of 18. Overnight, I assumed the responsibility of caring for all of my younger siblings while continuing with my courses and working my jobs. One month after their passing, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. I was left to figure out how to continue being a full-time student, working full-time, and maintaining my roles in all my extracurricular activities while ensuring that my younger siblings were cared for. Though this has been an ongoing struggle, I have prioritized my academics. This experience has taught me how to be resilient and continue pushing forward in my education.

What field of study will you go into, and how would you use it to serve your community better?

Through this trying time, I have decided to persevere and continue my education in honor of my parents. I want to continue their legacy and be a role model for my younger siblings. My goal is to work in an educational resource center to help provide underrepresented students with the resources needed to access an equitable and inclusive education. I would like to be able to provide tools and support to students to increase the graduation and retention rates of student populations who tend to have lower rates.

How has your previous involvement in school and other activities impacted you?

I am a Student Coordinator for the Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program at the University of California, Riverside. This program pairs first-year Latinx students with mentors in a way that considers their majors, career aspirations, and interests. It helps them transition into their first year at college, which is vital because many Latinx students face consistently lower graduation and retention rates than other student populations. In this position, I provide information about resources for education, jobs, and community. I am proud of the impact this program has on the Latinx community at UC Riverside and its contribution to the positive retention rate seen by 95% of program participants who continue to their next year. I participated in this program during my first year at UC Riverside. I gained knowledge about student organizations, how to approach professors to build connections, and how to create a resume. Working as a Student Coordinator has inspired me to continue to build a professional career in which I am contributing to programs like the Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program to connect students, such as myself, to resources they might not have otherwise known.

You can help change the world, one step at a time. To get involved or donate, please visit.

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