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The Pink House

Linda Vista “Pretty View”, South of San José, Patarrá Town, Costa Rica

On the hillside of a well-known slum area called Linda Vista, we meet Alicia Gomez, a 55 year old single mother and grandmother, who was abandoned by her spouse when her youngest child was born. She supported her four children working as a housemaid from 6 am to 10 pm six days a week. Her children are now young adults and she reflects on how she relied on this neighborhood to help watch the children for extended periods while she worked. Her daughter Karla, who is pictured with her granddaughter Ashley, still lives with her and helps with the house work.

The worst moments for Alicia are when she has no food in the refrigerator. She now cooks what “God provides” and takes her quest for food one day at a time. She is grateful to have a house and a stable life where she eats almost daily and has a roof over her head. Her children help her financially when they can and her best moments are when her grandchildren are smiling and happy. She enjoys seeing kids play in the front of the house, where they ride their bikes and play with balls. She is content with her life and does not regret the sacrifices she made for her children.

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