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For A Bright Future Foundation Expands Partnership with St. John Bosco High School

Updated: Apr 20

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Louis Hernandez Jr.'s Foundation For A Bright Future ("For a Bright Future," "FABF"), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of underserved children through education and healthcare initiatives, announces an expanded partnership with St. John Bosco High School (SJB) to select the next 30 schools for its groundbreaking Media Lab program.

The partnership aims to provide more students access to an innovative learning environment and equip them with the necessary skills to become successful in the media industry. It marks a fresh start in expanding access to learning for disadvantaged and underrepresented youths. In addition to providing underprivileged schools with access to cutting-edge technology, the program also includes training for teachers and administrators on how to use the technology, workshops, and tutorials for students, as well as internships and job opportunities in the media sector.

The Media Lab program is made possible with the collaboration of some of the most remarkable corporate partners, including Broadfield Distributing Inc., Envoi, Lenovo, CIS Group, T2 Computing Inc., MelroseINC, and Blackmagic Design, among others. The curriculum allows students to utilize the most advanced technologies, software, and equipment, which enables them to discover their creative abilities by exploring various topics.

The program will become part of a unique ecosystem to expand the learning environment and production, distribution, and potential monetization opportunities for the participating schools. This dramatic expansion will significantly enhance the educational benefits and provide schools with unique access to the most advanced technology in the industry to benefit the school and the communities they serve.

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